Importance of Sales Training in the Kitchen and Bath Industry

The kitchen and bath industry is full of dedicated people. They started their careers answering phones in a showroom and built their way up through management positions in K&B distributors. They have taught design courses, written articles for consumer magazines and been active members of NKBA.

Serendipity Unlimited is proud to offer a variety of online classes for customers interested in improving their customer engagement sales skills. These classes will improve your conversion rate and help you close more sales!

Sales Training

Sales training is a vital component of any company that wants to grow. Whether you want to sell to larger companies or develop your own products, quality sales training will equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to execute your growth strategy.

Formal sales training covers everything from the tools and techniques of selling to overcoming buyer objections. It can be delivered in a variety of formats, from in-person workshops to online video courses. It also includes thought leadership content to boost credibility and position your business as a leader in the industry.

Sales training is often perceived as an expensive investment, but it can be a great way to boost morale and improve productivity. The trick is to ensure that your program meets the needs of your salespeople and can be measured. Ideally, you should also provide incentives to increase salespeople’s motivation. For example, you can offer a commission bump or flex time to encourage them to attend training.

Customer Service Training

Exceptional customer service can help businesses increase profits, mainly through brand loyalty. A loyal customer can make many more purchases from your business and recommend it to others, which can help grow sales over the long-term.

To help customers feel valued, you need to train your team in customer service skills. This can include clear communication, listening, and problem-solving. It can also include training on how to handle customer complaints and other situations.

You can find customer service training courses online, like those offered by Alison or edX. These courses will teach your team the basics of customer support, how to manage time effectively, and how to deal with difficult customers. It will also help them learn how to be more detail-oriented, so they can answer questions quickly and accurately. Ultimately, it can help your team build confidence and create a strong sense of camaraderie in the office. This can lead to a more positive experience for customers and employees alike.

Product Knowledge Training

Product knowledge training is a crucial aspect of the customer engagement sales process. It allows your team members to explain the features and benefits of your products and how they address common setbacks that customers may experience.

Different teams have different priorities when it comes to product training. Marketing teams tend to focus on the competitive landscape and product narrative while HR may highlight the core solutions and business value that your company offers.

A flexible system that houses your product training content online helps to simplify and automate processes, increase access and onboarding for employees, and ensures that you can continually update the course materials when the company introduces new or improved products. Using role plays and simulations also lets employees practice how they might describe your products to customers during real interactions. This is an excellent way to improve their skills and confidence.

Team Building Training

Recruiting, hiring and building a cohesive team should be reasonably straightforward for kitchen and bath business owners but often it’s anything but. Employees are the second highest budget expense in any kitchen and bath showroom and the wrong decisions can be costly.

Regularly scheduled team building activities cut out toxicity, get employees to know each other better and encourage cross-functional collaboration. It’s a great way to introduce new hires and it can help employees feel like they belong when they see colleagues outside of their department working together.

One of the best team building training exercises is Life Map, where employees are asked to write down their strengths and then share them with others. This allows for a deeper connection with the team and a shared understanding of each other’s values and experiences. Team members who trust each other will perform their jobs better. They will also have a better understanding of the value of customer relationships.