Why is Procraft Cabinetry a Leader in the Kitchen and Bath Industry?

Procraft Cabinetry offers superior quality at a competitive price. Their cabinets are stocked locally so lead times are short. They can be delivered ready to install (RTI) or in flatpack for a faster build.

Warm neutrals are the chameleons of the decor world, able to look casual or elegant depending on the other elements in your room. These timeless hues can also evoke a sense of natural serenity.


When it comes to quality, Procraft cabinetry is the leader in their price range. They offer superior design, engineering and manufacturing. Their cabinets are also fully customizable and backed by a lifetime warranty.

They are committed to providing high-quality materials and excellent customer service. Their cabinet lines are designed to meet the needs of today’s lifestyles and are available in a variety of styles and finishes. They also feature a wide array of innovative kitchen storage solutions, including wall organizers, plate racks and Lazy Susans.

Their cabinets are crafted from solid wood with a durable finish. They are available in framed and frameless designs. They are stocked locally, which reduces lead times and allows for quick customization.

From the care and craftsmanship of their framed ProCraft Series to the forward-thinking Milania Frameless line, Procraft Cabinetry is a true industry leader. Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty and offer more customization options than their competitors in this price range.


ProCraft Cabinetry knows that style and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They offer a wide variety of beautiful cabinet doors in warm neutrals and contemporary colors that take living spaces to the next level.

Cabinetry makes up a significant portion of any remodeling project or new home design, so finding the right hues is essential. A cabinet’s color will set the tone for the room and affect its vibe over time. Choosing a warm neutral such as Cashmere Matte allows you to elevate your space and easily change the look with accent pieces and other decor.

With the ProCraft Cabinetry mobile app, you can see cabinet door styles and colors, view available cabinet sizes, and create quick quotes. Modifications such as increased and reduced depth, finished interiors, and prep for glass are also available. Our app will make your quoting process fast and easy so you can get back to designing sooner.


Cabinetry is one of the most prominent features of a kitchen, bathroom or other living space and often accounts for a significant portion of the total cost. This means that choosing the right hues and styles is essential to creating a beautiful and functional space.

Whether you choose the timeless look of classic wood tones or the refreshing appeal of warm neutrals, Procraft offers cabinets that complement any decor and style.


Cabinets are the biggest investment in a kitchen remodel or home design project. Because of their prominence and the high cost, it’s important to make sure that your cabinet choices will look good for years and withstand the test of time.

The right cabinetry brands will give your kitchen a stylish appearance, superior functionality, and guaranteed durability without breaking the bank.

Procraft cabinets offer a wide variety of door style options, materials, and finishes. The company’s framed and frameless kitchen cabinet products combine careful craftsmanship and timeless styling with forward-thinking designs that can make a statement in any room.

Their cabinetry is manufactured and assembled in the United States, ensuring quality and value. ProCraft also offers a full warranty on their cabinetry, providing peace of mind to homeowners. Their service department is helpful and responsive and they have a team of designers to help you create your dream kitchen or bathroom.

They are a great choice for builders, contractors, and homeowners looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price.